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Best Chew Proof Dog Bed 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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When looking for your dog’s bed, you’ll want to make sure that you’ll choose the best. And if you noticed that your dog has bad chewing behavior, you’ll definitely need the best chew proof dog bed. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself buying another dog bed – not long after you just got one!

If your dog keeps chewing each and every one of them, one of the recommended solutions that pet owners should do is investing in a chew proof dog bed. This way, you’ll prevent these mishaps from happening over and over again. It’s one way for your dog to finally get used to a bed that is there to stay.

There are different kinds available, so make sure to compare first before picking one!

Best Chew Proof Dog Bed 2021

Best Chew Proof Dog BedTitan Dog Bed - Chew Resistant, Memory Foam with Washable CoverTitan Dog BedCheck Price
K9 Ballistics Original Tough Dog Bed - Ripstop Ballistic FabricK9 Ballistics Original Tough Dog Bed - Ripstop Ballistic FabricK9 BallisticsCheck Price
K9 Ballistics Original Tough Dog Bed - Ripstop Ballistic FabricK9 Ballistics Original Tough Dog BedK9 BallisticsCheck Price
Pet Bed Duvet Zipper External Cover + Waterproof Liner Internal CasePet Bed Duvet Zipper External Cover + Waterproof Liner Internal CaseDogbed4lessCheck Price
K9 Ballistics Tough Crate PadK9 Ballistics Tough Crate PadK9 BallisticsCheck Price
Kuranda Dog Bed - ChewproofKuranda Dog Bed - ChewproofKurandaCheck Price
Premium Water Resistant Dog BedPremium Water Resistant Dog BedThe Dog's BallsCheck Price

#1 Titan Dog Bed Durable Premium Dog Bed

Titan Dog Bed Durable Premium Dog Bed
A waterproof and chew resistant memory foam dog bed for large dogs.

The Titan Dog Bed Durable Premium Dog Bed is specifically made to withstand any chewing behavior. It has been made out of a material, guaranteed to be tough enough to resist the chewing from your dog.

While it is chew resistant, it is not chewing proof. This is something to keep in mind. What it means is that while the material will last long, it will eventually be destroyed as it´s not chew-proof.

The material that has been used in the creating of this dog bed is premium memory foam, and the cover of the bed is made out of the waterproof liner and it can be removed and machine washed.

The cover, as well as the bed, have been made to provide your dog with the best comfort possible.

When resting on this bed, your dog will get a full rest and feel better and more energetic afterwards. It is also believed that a good rest helps the dogs against any joint pain or pressure of the muscles.

The measurements of this product are 39 inches long x 28 inches wide x 4 inches tall. Also, keep in mind that the bottom doesn´t have non-slip material, however, the bed tends to stay in place as it is heavier than usual dog beds.

Product Highlights

  • Durable material, resistant to chewing behavior
  • Made out of premium memory foam
  • Cover made out of a waterproof liner
  • Removable cover, machine washable
  • Measurements: 39 inches x 28 inches x 4 inches (LxWxH)
  • Comfortable long-lasting bed

#2 K9 Ballistics Original Tough Nesting Dog Bed – Made for Small Dogs

K9 Ballistics Rectangle Nesting Dog Bed (Small)
A waterproof and scratch/bite-proof bed for small dogs who loves to nibble and chew.

This K9 Ballistics Original Tough Nesting Dog Bed has been created to last, even when your dog loves to dig, scratch and chew- often or occasionally.

If you are constantly in the need to change dog beds because your dog just keeps destroying them, this is the right thing for you!

This dog is long-lasting and also suitable for dogs who weigh a little more. Its high-quality will be able to serve you year after year. The cover of this bed is made out of waterproof, ballistic fabric, comes with closures on two sides, a hidden zipper and a Velcro design.

It also comes with triple stitches on all seams, to add that security and durability. The cover is easy to remove and can be washed in the machine. Even after washing the bed over and over again, the quality will remain the same.

There are different sizes available of this chew proof dog bed and the one fitting your dog is surely included too! The quality and design of this dog bed focus on not only being long-lasting but also providing your dog with the comfort it needs.

Therefore, a night of restful sleep is guaranteed when laying on this tough dog bed. This bed is best suitable for indoors. It should not be used on the outdoors, as the material is not suitable to withstand this condition on the long-run.

Product Highlights

  • Long-lasting material
  • With a hidden zipper and Velcro design
  • Removable cover, easy to clean as it is machine washable
  • Different sizes available

#3 K9 Ballistics Rectangle Dog Bed – Made for Medium Dogs

K9 Ballistics Rectangle Dog Bed
A dog bed with removable cover that can provide premium comfort to your dog.

The K9 Ballistics Rectangle Dog Bed is made out of long-lasting material, high-quality and extremely durable. It has been specifically designed to be suitable for dogs who have chewing behavior, scratch and dig.

The ballistic fabric makes this material able to withstand all this type of behavior. The cover of the dog bed is waterproof, so in cases of accidents, it can still continue to be used.

The cover can be easily removed and washed in the machine. This will make the process of cleaning the dog bed easier.

The cover comes with a hidden zipper, which your dog can´t destroy either. The bed has been made with extra stitches on the seams, a total of three stitches.

This adds to the durability of the dog bed. It is also a good option inside of, for example, heated dog houses. It is not an outdoor dog bed, as it is best suitable for indoor use.

The color of this dog bed is black, so make sure that this is the color for your interior design! However, with black there´s not much you can do wrong, as it is a color to fit any appearance! There are different sizes of this dog bed and you should measure your pet before purchasing.

Product Highlights

  • High-quality, durable material
  • Covers come with a hidden zipper and a Velcro design
  • The cover can be removed and is easy to clean as it is machine washable
  • Measure your pet to get the right size

#4 Dogbed4less Cover Do It Yourself Pet Pillow

Dogbed4less Cover Do It Yourself Pet Pillow
Convert your used pillow's stuffing into a dog bed with this 2-cover pack bundle.

Dogbed4less Cover Do It Yourself Pet Pillow is made out of a material that is guaranteed to withstand the behavior that has been destroying the other beds you have been getting for them.

There are two covers, an inner and an outer one. The inner cover is waterproof, making sure that your pet stays dry while the bed is undestroyed by accidents.

This is not just any dog bed, it is a do it yourself dog bed. Simply recycle and use your old pillows you don´t want to use anymore and stuff the inner and outer cover with it.

This will turn these two covers into a comfortable bed your pet will be able to get the best rest in. The covers come in different sizes, so make sure to measure your pet and get a size that fits-!

The covers have zippers, so if you have been wondering on how to stuff them, this is an easy and quick process. Due to the fabric of the covers, the way they have been stitched and the all in all high-quality of this puppy bed, it is a bed that will serve you year after year and despite what your pet does, it will withstand any pressure. If you want to make sure that the bed looks stylish too, there are different colors available to match your home!

Product Highlights

  • Two covers that need to be stuffed
  • Inner cover waterproof on both sides
  • Outer cover denim fabric
  • Durable and high-quality
  • Available in different sizes

#5 K9 Ballistics Tough Dog Crate Pad

K9 Ballistics Tough Dog Crate Pad
A dog pad designed for stand-alone use or as bedding on standard-sized dog crates.

The K9 Ballistics Tough Dog Crate Pad is made for chewers who are considered to be light or moderate.

About 90% of the chewing behavior will be suitable for this dog bed and it will be able to resist it. 10% of chewers, however, will be able to destroy the bed, if they are considered to be heavy chewers. It is not suitable for anxious and persistent dogs.

This dog bed withstands with its ballistic material scratching, water, dirt or odors. If any accidents should occur, it is easy to wash by simply wiping with cold water.

You can also wash it in the machine, in cases of severe filth. To provide your pet with the comfort they need, the bed has been filled with polyester to a thickness of 1.5 inches.

This allows your pet to get a good rest, while not putting too much pressure on its joints. The cover is locked with zippers or Velcro closures, so it is safe to say that nothing will come out of it. This dog bed has been made for creates a size of 48 inches x 30 inches. It can also be folded over to fit smaller crates.

Product Highlights

  • Dog bed for crates 48 inches x 30 inches, or smaller
  • Durable material resistant to light and moderate chewing behavior
  • Easy to clean, machine washable
  • Cover closed with zippers or Velcro
  • 1.5 inches thick
  • Polyester fill provides with comfort
  • For a restful sleep while protecting the joints
  • Not suitable for heavier chewers

#6 Kuranda Chewproof Dog Bed

Kuranda Chewproof Dog Bed
An elevated chew proof dog bed that's easy to clean and dries quickly.

If you are searching for outdoor dog beds, this one might be the right fit.

The Kuranda Dog Bed has not only been made to withstand the chewing behavior of your pet, but it is also durable enough to withstand any weather.

It is made out of aluminum frames, which are very strong and can support up to 250lbs. of weight.

This is ideal if your dog is of a breed that is heavier or becomes heavier with time, such as a Golden Retriever. The design has been orthopedically made and is guaranteed to provide your pet with the necessary comfort.

While it is great for the outdoors, it can be used in the indoors too. There are some types of dog houses which require an extra bed, and this one would work perfectly for that purpose! Even heated dog houses might require extra comfort and this dog bed is guaranteed to provide that.

The measurements of the dog bed are 50 c 36 x 9, so you would need to make sure that the size fits to. Another feature making this dog bed great for the outdoors is that it is so easy to clean. Even after cleaning the dog house over and over again, it will still be able to stand up as if it was new.

Product Highlights

  • Suitable for heavier dogs withstands up to 250 lbs.
  • Measurements: 50 x 36 x 9
  • High-quality, durable aluminum frames
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor use
  • Orthopaedical design
  • Easy to clean

Bonus: The Dog’s Balls Premium Waterproof Dog Bed

The Dog's Balls Premium Waterproof Dog Bed
Made out of lightweight and easy-to-wash material which makes it suitable for indoor use or traveling.

When it comes to quality, this dog bed is highly promising.

This Premium Waterproof Dog Bed made by Dog’s Balls has an outer made out of Oxford fabric and features added coating. This makes it a water-resisting bed, suitable for the indoors as well as the outdoors.

The Oxford fabric is one known to withstand the years, resistant to abrasion as well as chemical agents.

Even after washing this fabric over and over again, it keeps its original color and strength. As this dog bed is waterproof, it is great for the outdoors because it can be cleaned easily too.

All you will need to do is treat the spot and wipe the bed clean. The foam mattress of this dog bed is thick and provides your pet with great comfort.

A night of good restful sleep is possible in this dog bed and afterwards, your dog will be more relaxed and have better behavior. Especially if your pet has issues with the joints or is elderly, you will want to invest in a good mattress. This will not only help ease the pain, but it will also prevent future conditions too.

The material that has been used is also skin-friendly and the choking hazards have been eliminated. There are different sizes available, so all you need to do is measure your pet and find the right one!

Product Highlights

  • High-quality, durable material
  • Outer cover made out of Oxford fabric
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be used as an indoor dog bed and an outdoor dog bed

Chew Proof Dog Bed Buyer’s Guide

There are so many different kinds of dog beds to choose from. Some come with a heating feature, some have a cooling pad, some are for the indoors, while others for the outdoors. There are different colors and different sizes available and if you´re buying a dog bed for the first time, you might not know what to focus on.

Chew Proof Dog Bed Buyer’s Guide

Other Factors to Consider

Size: As mentioned, there are different sizes of beds. You will always need to measure your pet first and find out the right size for them. If the bed size becomes small or large compared with your dog. it won’t feel comfortable. On the other hand, large size bed will occupy your room’s space unnecessarily.

Durability: Everyone wants to get maximum from his investment whether it’s a small or big amount. So, you have to consider the durability before buying a dog bed especially when you want to buy it for a chewer.  If you´re only planning on indoor-use and your dog is a small breed with no chewing behavior, you might not feel this point to be as important. However, if your dog has chewing behavior, is heavy and has been destroying the dog beds you got them so far, you will want to make sure that the bed is high in quality, so you won´t need to shop for a new one any time soon.

Special needs: if your dog has a condition which requires more attention, you might want to get an orthopedic bed, which is known to ease any aches or pain. If your dog has long hair and you live in a warm climate, a dog bed with a cooling pad will be the best thing you can do to attend to the needs of your pet. Similarly, if your dog has short hair and the climate is rather cold, choose a dog bed with a heating function.

Chew-Resistant Dog Bed

Since all of the dogs have a common habit – chewing, among some of them are a heavy chewer, it is essential to buy the chew resistant dog bed. You also have to try to reduce the habit by applying some technique including training.

After a dog bed has met all the necessary criteria, you can start and look into the details. If your dog has chewing behavior, you will need the best chew proof dog bed available. As there are different types of colors and designs, make sure to treat yourself too and get a color and design that will match the appearance of your home. Only once you and your pet are both happy with it, will you know that you have made a purchase that will serve you years to come. You will also want a bed that is easy to maintain and clean, as this will save you a lot of time too!

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