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Best Dog Stairs 2021 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Having the best dog stairs is just what you need when your dog is having a tough time getting around.

Dog stairs are essential in homes with ailing dogs that have hip or joint problems or senior dogs in need of a little help.

With the pet stairs in place, your four-legged friend is much less stressed when climbing up to a comfortable couch or bed.

Today, we are listing the dog stairs on the market for the all-around health and well-being of your pet. They are a simple, yet effective solution to help your dog get around easier while maintaining healthy joints.

It’s important to take action to promote healthy joint activity; this applies no matter the breed or age of the dog. This is essentially why dog stairs are a practical idea, even for the lively dogs that have no issue in getting around. Over time, the right preventive measures at a dog’s young age will pay off later in life.

Best Dog Stairs in 2021

Solvit PupSTEP Plus XL Pet StairsSolvit PupSTEP Plus XL Pet StairsSolvitCheck Price
Pet Gear Easy Step II Pet StairsPet Gear Easy Step II Pet StairsPet GearCheck Price
Pet Gear Easy Step II Pet StairsPet Gear Easy Step II Pet Stairs – Up to 75 lbsPet GearCheck Price
Pet Gear Easy Step III Pet StairsPet Gear Easy Step III Pet StairsPet GearCheck Price
Majestic Portable Pet StairsMajestic Portable Pet StairsMajestic PetCheck Price
Paws & Pals Dog StairsPaws & Pals Dog StairsPaws & PalsCheck Price
Gen7Pets Designer Wood Furniture DeluxeGen7Pets Designer Wood Furniture DeluxeGen7PetsCheck Price
Foam 3 Step Portable Dog StairsFoam 3 Step Portable Dog StairsPetStairzCheck Price
Crown Pet Products Carpeted Pet StepsCrown Pet Products Carpeted Pet StepsCrown Pet ProductsCheck Price
Pet Loader Light 16″ PlatformPet Loader Light 16″ PlatformPet LoaderCheck Price

Fortunately, there is a wide variety of dog stairs for any situation.

Here are the best dog stairs that have been handpicked and reviewed for your convenience:

Solvit PupSTEP Plus XL Pet Stairs

Solvit PupSTEP Plus XL Pet Stairs
Manufactured in a solid and reliable plastic material that is designed to easily fold for storage.

The Solvit PupSTEP Plus XL Pet Stairs is easy to learn and a practical choice for very high beds.

They are extremely easy to set up and assemble. Once this set of pet stairs is in place, you will no longer need to be concerned about your dog leaping around and getting hurt in the process.

Plus, the steps are equipped with non-skid pads to make it easier for your dog to climb and descend.

The Solvit PupSTEP stairs make a practical choice for both the dogs that find it difficult to jump onto a bed or couch, as well as the smaller dogs that are in need of assistance.

Product Highlights

  • A tall and wide edition of the respected PupSTEP Plus
  • Dimensions: 28 inch D x 18 inch W x 25 inch H
  • Lightweight build at only 9 pounds, but with the ability to accept dogs that are up to 200 pounds in weight
  • Large size is practical for dog breeds of all sizes
  • Quick to fold up for transport and storage

Pet Gear Easy Step II Pet Stairs – Small and Large Dog Stairs

Pet Gear Easy Step II Pet Stairs
Easy to put together and a simple solution to protect and maintain your pet's joints.

The Pet Gear Easy Step II Pet Stairs is a simple solution to protect and maintain your pet’s joints. They are very easy to put together and the carpet squares on the stairs provide stable footing to avoid slipping.

The innovative incline of these pet stairs means there is only a need for 2 steps to climb to the desired height. This eliminates stress for the dogs (as well as cats) and can easily accept pets up to 150 lbs in weight.

Pet Gear has used the wide stairs to make it more comfortable for dogs when climbing, especially if they are somewhat larger in size.

The extra spacing on the stairs gives ample room to get the entire body on each step. Plus, the spacious climbing area means the larger dogs can also feel comfortable when climbing the stairs.

Product Highlights

  • Practical for small and large dogs with the wide and deep stair landings
  • The bottom surface has rubber grippers to prevent sliding when in use
  • Soft carpet treads can be removed for cleaning
  • Simple assembly with no tools required
  • Dimensions: 22.5 inch x 16 inch x 16 inches

Pet Gear Easy Step II Pet Stairs – Recommended for Dogs up to 75 lbs

Pet Gear Easy Step II Pet Stairs
Compact and light enough to help your dog with small, everyday tasks.

The relatively compact Pet Gear Easy Step II Pet Stairs for dogs of up to 75 lbs are convenient and light enough for small, everyday tasks such as helping a dog onto the couch or into the car. They are built to be very lightweight and easy to move around the home, but still a very sturdy platform.

Pet Gear Stairs is easy to assemble and can easily snap together with no need to rely on other tools. This pet stairs also have a carpeted tread to help your dog get more traction when climbing. The carpet is removable and machine washable.

Product Highlights

  • Steps – 6 inches in height
  • Wide and deep stairs for easy climbing
  • Removable carpet treads for quick cleaning and washing
  • Rubber grippers on the bottom to keep the stairs in place
  • Simple assembly – snap-together design

Pet Gear Easy Step III Pet Stairs

Pet Gear Easy Step III Pet Stairs
Most recommended pet stairs for bigger dog breeds.

The Pet Gear Easy Step III Pet Stairs is built with the bigger dog breeds in mind with its 3-step design and 150 lbs weight limit.

The pet stairs have wide, deep treads that make it really easy to use for any size of a dog. Plus, the short incline of the stairs makes it easier to climb and put significantly less stress on your pet.

The actual process of building the pet stairs is very straightforward and is a simple process of snapping the individual pieces together – no tools are needed. This one also has a removable carpet tread for your dog’s safety.

Product Highlights

  • Useful rubber grippers to keep the stairs in place
  • Good for dogs up to 150 lbs
  • Removable carpet treads for ease of maintenance
  • Simple assembly with snap-together construction

Majestic Portable Pet Stairs

Majestic Portable Pet Stairs
Perfect for dogs with arthritis or senior dogs.

The Majestic Pet Portable Pet Stairs have a lightweight, 4-step design that is perfect for dogs with arthritis or similar issues (overweight bodies, hip dysplasia, painful joints, etc.) or simply for the senior dogs. The use of pet stairs is practical to minimize the risk of injury in the event of weak bones or legs.

It’s made for easy cleaning because of it’s machine-washable, removable cover which ensures spills, stains, and dirt can be washed off easily. Adding the pet stairs to the arsenal of dog supplies means they have greater access around the home and will continue to feel independent in later life.

This dog stairs for beds will give easy access to a bed, couch, or sofa that would otherwise be difficult to reach.

Product Highlights

  • Dimensions: 24 inch L x 16 inch W x 20 inch H
  • Lightweight construction at just 7.4 pounds
  • Built-in sturdy foam to make it easy to carry and isn’t likely to bruise the shins in the event of bumping into it
  • Machine-washable cover

Paws & Pals Dog Stairs

Paws & Pals Dog Stairs
Intended for small or senior dogs up to a weight limit of 175 pounds.

The Paws & Pals Dog Stairs are a perfect solution to let dogs bound onto the couch without straining their body. This set of pet stairs is intended for small or senior dogs up to a weight limit of 175 pounds. It is certain to help the dogs suffering from hip dysplasia, overweight issues, painful joints, or arthritis.

The 4-step design in a soft, padded material is very easy to climb and gives your pet the independence to reach a preferred resting place, such as a couch, sofa, or bed.

Product Highlights

  • Padded and comfortable to easily reach a decent height
  • Very lightweight for ease in relocating around the home
  • Will accept a total weight of up to 220 lbs
  • Removable and washable cover in a soft sheepskin-like material
  • Dimensions: 19.25 inch (L) x 26.25 inch (W) x 15.5 inch (H)

Premier Pet Steps Tall Raised Panel Dog Steps

Tall Raised Panel Dog Steps
A carpeted pet stairs recommended for small dogs.

These Tall Raised Panel Dog Steps by Premier are some of the nicer ones on the market. They’re made with solid, red oak to match nearly any home decor while also remaining quite sturdy. The top is carpeted to provide more friction for your pet, preventing the likelihood that they might fall and hurt themselves.

The weight capacity is 300 pounds. However, the height of each individual stair is really designed more for small dogs than large dogs. Some bigger canines might have trouble traversing these stairs easily.

The wood on the stairs is stained for extra durability and the carpet is stain-proof. The whole thing can easily be cleaned with warm water and some soap.

Product Highlights

  • Can hold up to 300 pounds
  • Stair height appropriate for small dogs
  • Wooden design
  • The top is carpeted.

Foam 3 Step Portable Dog Stairs

Foam 3 Step Portable Dog Stairs
A light and portable option for small breed dogs.

The Foam 3 Step Pet Stairs is a simple and practical option to let your dog reach the desired height. Its foam construction makes it a very portable option that can be used throughout the home. Each of the steps is 4.25 inches in height, which is more than enough to easily reach a child’s bed or a couch.

This set of pet stairs is certain to appeal to the dog owners in search of the light and portable option for a small breed dog like a Chihuahua or Maltese.

Product Highlights

  • Great neutral color finishes in beige and maize
  • Lightweight foam construction (approx 3 pounds) for complete portability
  • Dimensions: 13 inch H x 16 inch W x 18 inch D

Crown Pet Products Carpeted Wooden Dog Stairs with Storage

Carpeted Wooden Dog Stairs with Storage
Built with traditional wooden design and carpeted treads.

Crown Pet’s Carpeted Wooden Dog Stairs is built in a traditional wooden design with carpeted treads for great all-around comfort. It’s made to be very sturdy and looks great with other pieces of furniture at home.

This set of pet stairs is certain to appeal to the dog owner that prefers to avoid the less stylish plastic steps. For ease in matching with the local decor, the pet stairs are available in a choice of colors and each step can open to provide a useful storage area.

Even though this is a wooden built set of steps, the assembling process is still quick and easy to complete.

Product Highlights

  • Stunning hardwood finish with a look much like teak
  • Hinged steps for useful storage space
  • Carpeted steps to prevent slipping and provide a quiet footing
  • Rubber grips on the bottom to avoid scratching the floor surface
  • Great for small and older dogs with arthritis or joint problems, which can also be considered as orthopedic dog stairs

Pet Loader Light 16″ Platform

Pet Loader Light 16
The platform is designed to fold up to easily fit in the rear of a vehicle when traveling.

The Pet Loader Light 16″ Platform is a different type of pet stairs that is highly practical for use with a vehicle.

It makes getting in or out of an SUV a simple and straightforward process. The build of the platform is very sturdy and the carpeting for each of the steps helps to avoid issues related to slipping.

However, this unit is built in a heavy-duty plastic which makes it a little heavier than other sets of pet stairs noted on this page. It is a practical choice for medium-large size dogs.

Product Highlights

  • Very easy to fold, store and carry
  • Wide deck areas and lower ascent/descent angle help to minimize issues of fear
  • Total weight is 24 pounds

Why Do You Need a Small or Large Dog Stairs?

  • It gives easy access to the most comfortable sleeping areas throughout the home, such as sofas, couches, and beds.
  • Protects the legs and joints from potential damage caused by regular jumping off furniture.

Best Dog Stairs – Things to Consider Before Buying

Best Dog Stairs – Things to Consider Before Buying

In the process of deciding on the best dog stairs, there are many different factors to consider for the small, medium or large breed dog.

A major issue is the present level of difficulty your dog is facing. Also, things like the number of steps, soft steps or hard steps, and degree of incline are worthy of your time to carefully consider.

What is important?

Step number and size – when you are mindful of your pet’s abilities and aptitudes you are in a better position to know the most favorable step count. Also, the step size can vary significantly, so go with the stairs that are most appropriate for your dog’s size and health. If your dog is likely to find it difficult to climb two steep steps, you will want to go with a four-step unit with the less steep incline.

Inclination – the inclination of the pet stairs can vary with a climb that seems quite steep to those that are more or less flat. The steep, vertical climb is more stressful for your dog but will take up less space in the home.

Width & Height – a basic consideration is the maximum height you want your dog to reach. So, before you start to shop for the portable dog stairs carefully measure the height from the floor to the height of the sofa, bed, couch, or other places of rest. In many situations, the actual height is the foremost deciding factor.

Also, the width of the pet stairs should be taken into consideration, especially for the medium or large-sized dogs. The wide stairs are certain to give greater ease of access and comfort for the larger breeds.

Grip & Padding – many of the dog stairs are given a covering of soft fabric such as sheepskin. However, for those stairs with a suitable cover, you want to look for those with at least a non-skid surface or texture. This avoids those accidental slips or falls. Also, there are several dog stairs with extra padding for the most comfortable climbing experience, but this feature isn’t always necessary.

Materials – the construction materials for the dog stairs are a key quality. Wooden stairs give a high-end and luxurious look, while the plastic alternatives are very easy to clean.

Best Dog Stairs

Storage – the ability to store the dog stairs is only an issue when they aren’t likely to stay in one place for the majority of the time. However, for the regular replacement of the stairs, a set that is easy to disassemble and foldable is certain to appeal. Also, it is worth noting that the sturdier dog stairs are the ones in a single piece that do not give the option to break up or fold up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are stairs or a ramp better for dogs?

This really depends on the dog and your situation. Ramps are almost always going to be easier to climb, but they often take up more space. Furthermore, if your dog has never used a ramp before, they might be somewhat unsure about a ramp.

However, if the dog has used stairs before, they will likely find no problem with using a set of pet stairs.

Are stairs bad for dogs?

In some cases, it might be recommended to not use dog stairs for your pooch. Climbing stairs makes all the dog’s weight transfer onto their back legs, which in turn can make their hips and back leg joints hurt.

However, climbing stairs is almost always preferable to jumping.

Is jumping bad for small dogs?

For some breeds, jumping can have dire consequences. If your dog has an elongated back, like the Dachshund or Shih Tzu, jumping can put them at risk for serious spinal problems that can cause paralysis. These health problems are more common than you might consider.

In these cases, it is highly recommended that you discourage your canine from jumping when possible and use dog steps instead.


Whether you are looking for lightweight and portable or the more stylish objects that look much like a piece of furniture, there are plenty of different sets of dog stairs to match the needs. With the best dog stairs in place, your dog is certain to benefit from less stress to the legs and joints when climbing on and off beds, sofas, and couches.

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